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Glee Prompts

a weekly multimedia fan challenge

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How This Works + 
Each week a prompt will be posted. This prompt could come in the form of a photograph, a line of dialogue, song lyrics, or a simple word - anything that seems like it might get the creative juices flowing. Then it's up to you to take that prompt and make some kind of fan media item (could be a fic, fan art, video, fan mix, whatever!) inspired by that weeks theme!
Important Things + 
Every playground has to have some ground rules, to make sure that everyone plays fair and gets along. You can read ours here. If after reading the rules you have any questions about how things work, we have a thread where you can ask!
Staff + 

Currently the Glee Prompts staff consists only of it's founder, blueb1rd. If you need to contact her you can send her a PM or check out our Page-A-Mod post.
Suggest A Prompt + 

If you have a prompt you'd like to see featured on the community, post it here!
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If you are interested in affiliating with this community, please send a PM to blueb1rd

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