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19 February 2014 @ 10:59 am
It’s like a parent trap Au, but much more dramatic, and the focus is not on the parents but on the children— Kurt Hummel and Chris Colfer.

Kurt and Chris can maybe meet at a camp or on a vacation. Then they discovered that they are twins and their parents have divorced and never told them that they have a twin brother. so they decided to secretly switch places.

They didn’t attempt to make their parents reconcile because they are happy with their new spouses— BUrt with Carole and Karyn with Tim— they just simply wanted to know each other’s parents while living as their twin because they knew that their parents will never let them see each other.

Cue Darren and Blaine.

Darren is one of the workers in the garage and knew Kurt since childhood. They have this mentor and student relationship because it was him who is helping Kurt with fixing cars.

Blaine is living in San Francisco/Clovis and was the best friend of Chris. They are both gays, but they dont have feelings for each other.

Blaine and Darren is somehow related to ecah other that’s why they look alike, but Chris and Kurt wont know the difference because Darren is older (20 or something) and Blaine is still in high school. and that their physical appearance is so different. (Darren has beard in this fic)


-family member and friends of KURT and Chris are confused why they are acting differently after their vacation

-‘CHRIS’ cant write stories anymore

the way they dress and talk is different

-so full of secrets


-Darren is confused why ‘KURT’ doesn’t how to fix cars and acts differently (no flamboyancy or musicals-esque topic)

-Darren falling in love with ‘KURT’ but he is struggling with his sexuality and the added fear of Burt because he is falling in love with his minor son

-Aggressive and protective Papa Burt

-Blaine starting to fall in love with his best friend but knew that ‘CHRIS’ doesn’t have feelings for him.

-‘CHRIS’ having the same interest as Blaine when they he and Blaine have different interests before.

-Drama for major misunderstanding

-angst when Darren and Blaine wanted to confess their feelings to their Chris and Kurt. That was the time Chris and Kurt decided to switch places again.


-humor and a lot of sexual tension

-No threesomes or foursomes

-will sherood as third party in CRISSCOLFER LOve story

-Adam Crawfard or Seb in Klaine story

-PDA and inappropriate touching in public places

-rated nc:!7
In Blaine’s whole life, he was only attracted to girls. He is 27 years old and his grandmother is forcing him to settle down. Blaine and his grandmother has a very close relationship despite Blaine’s rebellious attiude,

His grandmother arranged several girls for Blaine to meet,so Blaine decided to pretend to be gay during those blind dates and hired Kurt Hummel as his Boyfriend.
Kurt in need of a big sum of money to save his late father’s garage agreed to the arrangement.

Things get more complicAted when Blaine’s grandmother hired Kurt to be Blaine’s assistant after their acts in the blind dates. So they have to pretend more to be a couple in front of the andersons, friends and co workers to keep up the acts.

Love blossoms from all the bickering, teasing, comfort (etc) they’ve shown to each other; resulting to Blaine questioning his sexuality.

- Sexual Tension
- forced acts
- company was owned by the andersons, so they are in 24/7 surveillaince
-surprises and grand gestures
-jealous Blaine
- Sebastian pursuing Kurt , making Blaine Jealous
- Blaine’s ex girlfriend will also make scenes
-Blaine refusing his feelings for Kurt
-desperation for the touch of one another
-fluff ad humorous scenes when pretending to be boyfriends
-chaste kisses turns to heavier scenes in public and private places
- Kurt confesses first his feelings and asks blaine for some distance becuase he knew blaine is straight
-multi-chapterd fic
-sex is also good


Two complete strangers have accidentally slept together , both thinking it was their significant others.
Blaine was drunk (low alcohol tolerance) thinking his Soon-to-be-fiancé, Sebastian, had went to their mini vacation with him but bail on the last minute because of a job opportunity abroad.

Virgin kurt, after drinking a heavy dosed cough syrup stumbled on the wrong room and thought he is having sex with his long term boyfriend.

Chaos unleashed when they fought and Kurt went back to his room only to find out that his douce of a boyfriend was also cheating on him on purpose. Blaine tried to comfort him and they gain a weird friendship. Soon their vacation has ended and they parted.

3 months after without any contact, Blaine accidentally bump kurt with his car and hurriedly brought him to the hospital, where they discovered that Kurt is a male carrier (which is rare but not uncommon), and that he is pregnant with Blaine’s child.

Both of their families were unintentionally eavesdropping heard the revelation, so the Andersons forced Blaine to marry Kurt because they need to continue the Anderson legacy. With cooper being barren and Blaine being gay, they lose hope. But now with kurt in the picture, they happily accepted him and treat him right, unlike how blaine treated kurt.

Blaine thought kurt only agreed because of blaine’s wealth and he treated him awful but at the same time giving him oddly romantic little gestures.

Love slowly rise between the two, but the sudden reappearance of sebastian threatens it.
Sebastian, without blaine’s consent presented kurt a divorce and abortion papers, saying it was from blaine. Kurt who refused to sign the papers, runs away and was hit by a car and was rushed to the hospital.

When Kurt and his baby was declared safe, kurt pleaded his father to tell blaine otherwise. So kurt fled with adam (his newly found friend and protector) to london and gave birth without any communications with blaine for six years. Kurt became a fashion editor hidden with hhis pseudo name “Porcelain”, so no one knows the real him. he has a drastic change of self-image.

An encounter in London change their lives again. Blaine openly pursues kurt without knowing that kurt’s son was his and he is still unaware of the predicament behind the divorce and abortion papers. so Kurt continues to reject him but his heart tell him otherwise. Blaine slowly develop a relationship with Kurt and his son(still doesn’t know yet)

- Chandler is Kurt’s boyfriend but is a big playboy, jerk and cheated on him even before and was caught by kurt in their own room
- Sebastian workaholic and neglectful boyfriend to blaine
- Anderson family is very doting to Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, excited to have a grandchild
- Blaine will have a hot n’ cold behaviour towards kurt
- Kurt is a nobody, simple and “invincible”
- Multi-chaptered fic
-hot and heavy sex

-The fic could be divided in two stories;first is up to the break up, second is from the break up up to the ending focus on angst of revelations.
-Adam will be kurt’s “suitor” in the last part of the first fic and in the first part of the second fic.
-Blaine tried to gain the child’s trust before and after the revelation..
-Kurt and blaine changes dramatically within the time separation, one gain a heart and the other one was hardened
-Jealous blaine when adam shows his “friendship” to kurt
-Two revelations: about the papers and the birth..,

11 October 2013 @ 07:53 am
Set after Wonder-ful. 5x01 never happened in this fic.

Blaine was devastated after hearing Kurt’s plane to New York crashed and no one survive the accident, including Kurt. Blaine wasn’t himself anymore, blaming himself for everything he has done. Families and friends help Blaine to moved on, but Blaine just cannot let go of his soulmate.

One afternoon, Blaine’s grandmother visited him and gave him a magical watch that came from the previous andersons. Unbeknownst to Blaine, the watch has the power to transport him to a time he desired the most.
The watch worked, the magic worked, but he is still unaware of it. So he was confused when his mother called him to go to school and that his warbler friends are waiting for him, but he still obliged.

Now, all hell broke when he found Kurt standing in their staircase looking lost, he rushed past all the boys and fiercely kiss kurt. He was so lost in his own feelings that he didn’t analyze the situation first. so when he glanced to look at Kurt, he was met with a right hand on his cheek.
And on that point, he knows that this is reality cause dreams can’t hurt.

-scenes of season 2 are still there but will be twisted because Blaine’s appearance to Kurt’s life is different
-Kurt puts a front that he didn’t like Blaine and thinks Blaine as a stalker
-one point that Blaine transferred to Mckinley to be with Kurt
-Confusions of Kurt when Blaine reveals something that he knew about Kurt when Kurt haven’t shared it with anyone
-Angst when the truth about the time traveling has been revealed to Kurt
-Stalkerish and desperate Blaine, trying to make Kurt fall in love with him
-Kurt was just trying to be hard to get
- multi-chapetered fic

11 October 2013 @ 07:47 am
Kurt Hummel thought his life will be better if he transferred to Dalton Academy, a school that only rich families can afford. He was granted a scholarship for writing/doing something. so he is the only student who is a commoner in there.

Enter the warblers, a five -member group, namely Wes, David, Jeff, Nick and their leader Blaine. They are the top of the school. Richest of the richest, so no one, including the teachers, have bothered them. They bully the students, but the students still are mesmerized of their wealth, power and looks. simply, they act like gods of the school.

so when Kurt was admitted to Dalton, because of his twisted way of justice, stands up to them and fight with Blaine. They continue to bicker, fight and tease with each other. Blaine use all his power and connection to make Kurt leave the school, but Kurt is stubborn so he fights head on.
Things get complicated when feelings sparks between the two. and the people who Blaine used to bully uses Kurt for revenge.

And when the Andersons is against their relationship because Kurt is only a mere commoner, or is he?

- Blaine was never attracted to anyone until Kurt
-very very jealous and possessive Blaine, even though they are still not together, he still claims Kurt as his
- complicates when Kurt’s childhood sweethearrt/friend ADam was admitted to the Academy
-Dalton can be admit both boys and girls
-Blaine is KURTsexual
- forced kisses!!! as in many many forced kisses
-public declarations and emabarassed Kurt when Blaine starts to talk about their sex life with the warblers
- jeff and Kurt made a deep friendship causing Blaine to get jealous
- NIFF’s story would progress here
- possessive and jealous sex is a must
-feeling that it’s them against the world
- Kurt may be the hidden son of Pres. Burt Hummel or he can be the grandson of an enterprise taht Andersons need to be partnered with,

Kurt hides true identity (to everyone, including blaine) because he doesn’t want to be treated differently, or he doesn’t also know who he truly is but he revealed his identity to be with Blaine, but the revelation will only be revealed at the very last part of the story.

Kurt Hummel found his courage to confess his love
to the most popular, smart, gorgeous and rich boy
Blaine Anderson, but blaine rejects and humiliate him in front of the whole dalton academy. Devasted kurt vowed that he will ignore everything about blaine and will only continue to hate him, but one night a fire conquered his house and kurt was forced to live with his father’s long lost best friend (the anderson minus cooper-he is in LA). Blaine who doesnt like kurt made him lie and kept the living arrangements to his friends a secret.
Blaine slowly falls for kurt and make (oblivious) romantic gesture while being a douchebag at the same time. quinn or rachel will be kurt’s competition having the upper hand that they are girls and constantly remind kurt that he has no chance because he has a **.
While living with the anderson, he uncovered blaine’s most embarassing secret and threaten him to spill it if he wouldn’t pose as Kurt’s boyfriend to prevent his pursuer from stalking him.

Story continue with college when they are together and kurt tried to hide the fact that they are together because he thinks his classmates will “bully” him when they know. This now is a turn of events that it was Kurt who wanted their relationship a secret. Adam will enter the picture and becomes really close friends with kurt. Blaine was threaten by it because he doesnt do romantic stuff that kurt likes and afraid that kurt will leave him for adam. Blaine become more competitive but he still didnt tell kurt his dilemna.

Scenes and bonuses
-sam or sebastian could be the pursuer
- blaine poses as a protective boyfriend to kurt when sam or seb still strongly pursues Kurt
-Cooper came back fron LA and blaine was forced to sleep in kurts room
-Jealous blaine is fun and bluntly embarass sam during one dinner
-Humor and slight angst
-Angry and jealous sex
-Grand public apologies and confessions are a must
-Truth of living arrangement will shook the whole school
-Lots and lots of sexual tension
- Genius Blaine but asexual (never been attracted to
-Blaine is also mean and likes to harmlessly bullies and teases kurt
- Kurt is stupid and “daring”
- Supportive Hummel and Anderson
- Mrs. Anderson is bluntly pushing Blaine to Kurt
- multi-chaptered fic

sourcce: http://closetklaine27.tumblr.com/post/62788732187/glee-klaine-prompt-rich-snob-blaine-clingy-kurt
10 October 2013 @ 09:14 am
Infamous businessman blaine anderson got into an accident (or maybe attempted murder) in a suburb town of lima. He was badly injured and had an amnesia. Kurt thought he was the one who caused blaine’s injury so he tended his injury (not going to hospital, afraid to be arrested). Slowly they fell in love with each other but another accident happen making blaine regain his old memories but forgot his memories with kurt altogether.. So now blaine is back to his girlfriend, quinn fabray. But life gets even more complicated when he feels an attraction to his newly hired employee, kurt hummel.

-orphan kurt and finn
-Kurt bullies blaine by making him his “slave”
-Blaine is like a puppy following kurt but eventually release his potential in business to save the hudmels garage fron bankruptcy
-Finn convinces kurt to deceive blaine by leaving him alone in a secluded area, (kurt did it but came back for blaine)
-Any type of business will suit blaine
-Hudmels are poor and no one in lima knows who blaine is
-Adam or sebastian will befriend kurt and fell in love with him, making blaine really jealous- kurt only see seb or adam gesture no more than as a friend
-Blaine secretly helps kurt with his new position in the company
-One point where blaine pretends to be Blaine anderson to save kurt from the humiliation from his old high school friends

-some smut please
Humor and sexual tension
-andersons are not please with kurt but eventually softens
-andersons are not homophobic ,they are just comgirtable with quinn more
- jealous blaine is always there
-multi chaptered fic
22 March 2011 @ 05:34 pm
Participant: caliena
Media: Fiction
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kurtofsky
Warnings: Up to episode 2x16
Notes: The idea was actually there before the prompt, I just wrote it around it. Betaread by my fabulous betareader jekyllhj7 on ff.net

here @ caliena
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16 March 2011 @ 10:42 pm
Participant: jjjjordo.
Media: Fiction
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Warnings: Implied 2x16.
Notes: Just a fluffy little drabble I wrote!

here @ jjjjordo .